Meet Jenn


Jenn has always had an adventurous spirit.  Before completing her degree in English from Brigham Young University, she took a semester off and backpacked through Europe visiting more than a dozen countries. Later, along with her husband Chad and their five children, she lived in Barcelona, Spain, Bangkok, Thailand and Vina del Mar, Chile.  Through these experiences Jenn gained a love for the youth of the world as well as their individual differences that make them beautiful. 

The inspiration to create Latter-day Teen came from her desire to help these youth connect and "stand out, together"   

Jenn’s creative background includes working as an illustrator, free-lance designer and photographer.  Jenn is a registered Yoga instructor and enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and kids.  

It is Jenn’s hope that Latter-day Teen will become a source of inspiration in today’s challenging and complex world, something every young man and woman can turn to in order to feel the Savior’s light and acceptance.