Meet Emily


Emily and her husband, Bryan, make their home in the mountains of Northern Utah, where they are raising five beautiful daughters. She grew up in rural Idaho in large, blended family. Tradition, education, and acceptance were at the core of the family values she was raised in and the family she and Bryan are now raising.

Emily studied at Brigham Young University-Idaho where she served as a student body officer before transferring to Utah State University to complete her education in Journalism and Marketing. She spent more than a decade working in corporate communications, public relations, and print journalism before founding a local publication, Cache Valley Family Magazine, five years ago.

Emily’s favorite things include the smell of fresh bread, hand-written notes, and garden-fresh tomatoes. To know more about her, you should understand that she is always up for hosting a party and had a custom 12-foot-long, five-foot-wide dining table built to ensure she would always have room at her table for more friends and family. Her life mantra is “family is everything.”

Inspired by faithful youth who are standing out from the world with Christ-like love and purpose, and believing there is power in connection, Emily is excited to share Latter-day Teen.